This article describes the essential aspects of SAP system development.
The resources and materials will be abundant like a sea, but the sole purpose of this writing is to give bullet points of major development using SAP or other ERP packages in a major huge corporation.

First, analysis of current business process should be done in a very detail level. This is so called AS-IS analysis.

Next, current process should be mapped into SAP versions of process and run environment. SAP is great and very expensive system. There are virtually hundreds of Online screens (such as Material creation, Order creation, Delivery note generations, Inventory movement, Good issue or receipts, Forecasting, Inventory Planning, and much more) in SAP. Any kind of process or business scenario can be mapped and executed using one of the existing SAP screens or tools, manually. I mean ‘Manually’.

For instance, you can lay out new processes using SAP screens or objects to perform the current AS-IS functions and processes. However, volume of business of major corporation will be huge, and huge volume of transactions (especially repetitive operations) can not be done by human manual processing. This is where the challenges will come, which will require the automation of repetitive processing.

SAP is transaction driven systems, and it will be a major dominant System in US and globally.

Already it is now.

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